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2007-07-24 13:35:49 by hoshisan

go play the games of louissi It's AWSOME!!!!!!! SMILEYS WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2007-12-22 19:24:16



2010-01-27 14:07:57

Guys like you are annoying Louissi the most.

Very interesting post. You have very interesting comments too. :|

hoshisan responds:

if you have nothing to say, just zip it please . I'm is girlfriend i can help him the way i want. thank you ^^


2010-03-01 13:04:17

She is not annoying me at all. Thanks hoshi, take care :P I love you.


2010-03-06 18:02:13

Omg I wasnt able to write better idiocy Oo

Forget what i wrote as quickly as possible ^-^ Sadly, nonsense is predominantly in this world... orgl Oo

Man, this sucks... sorry hoshisan, sorry louissi!!!

Be happy: hBfSo


hoshisan responds:

hahaha nice song ahahahah