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Entry #3


2010-04-05 21:23:04 by hoshisan

hi guys, sorry for not posting other drawings, but for now , i don't have any time to draw. I'm making my movie for school , it takes all my time. Thanks for all the comments ! I appreciate it a lot. I'm almost done, so you will see some others drawings and maybe some games and movies, who knows ;)
thanks again for your support!

love, Hoshisan


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2010-04-05 21:27:47

You are super welcome, And I LOVE your art looking forward to more :P!

- James

hoshisan responds:

^^ thanks man ! :D


2010-04-05 21:31:50

Oh crap! that was a fatal glitch sorry please delete all but one please lol


2010-04-07 22:15:04

Hehe! J'aime bien. Que tu es la copine à Louissi rend tout encore plus beau :D

hoshisan responds:

awww c'est vrai ! il est si merveilleux ^^ mais jai quand meme du talent non? :P


2010-06-05 19:13:16

You are like, great at art.


2010-06-14 19:45:29

You keep practicing art like that and your art might look like BizarroJoe's.