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2010-03-22 17:43:15 by hoshisan

hi guys, it's just a litle post to tell that I'm going to put some of my art work on newgrounds, just to see if somebody's gonna watch it ! Soooo if you do just leave coments please, it will help me to improve myself a lot.
thank you and don't be too rude please, it's my fist time haha


my art section


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2010-03-22 18:26:09

damn you're awesome. submit more stuff so someone can scout you! (you need 4)

hoshisan responds:

thanks , i will!


2010-03-22 18:37:18

I absolutely love it!
The girl in the picture kinda reminds me of Belle or Alice but in a more anime-ish (not really but kinda) form.

hoshisan responds:

thank you ^^ !!


2010-03-22 18:39:51

kamisama, c'était tellement beau qui fallait que je me crée un compte juste pour te dire que j'aime ça donc... j'aime beaucoup ^^

hoshisan responds:



2010-03-22 19:36:55

You have a very great style ! Drop me a PM once you have 4 pieces, I'd be glad to scout you :)

hoshisan responds:

i will thanks a lot!


2010-03-22 20:22:26

Why does the last part of the message say xxx?

are you trying to tell us something?!

hoshisan responds:

they're 4 x, soo no , I'm not trying to say anything , sorry :P


2010-03-22 21:08:09

i think it looks great


2010-03-23 00:16:58

I had sex with Louissi.

hoshisan responds:

hahaha i'm sure you had hahah


2010-03-23 22:00:51

Your art is VERY good keep at it!


2010-03-25 16:08:53

Constructive critism is neither often nor gladly seen on the newgrounds flash portal - i have to find out if art creators are still calm after i tell them what i think.

You'll be my first victim ]:--)

The first thing i looked at on your art were the faces - and i have to say, your strength are the facial expressions. Its an adventure to look at the faces you've drawn, they are perfect.

The other parts are not able to keep up with it. Still, the clothes, the body and the proportions are beautiful and nice, but the problem is, you can see the way youve drawn clothes really, really often here - one day youll get tired from this style.

For a better score than average for the clothes, you need to put in more details (like quillings for the skirt for example).

For some of your drawings it would be great, if you try to intensify the facial expressions... then you have not to put in more detail to your clothes, they have to fade. The farther they are from the face, the more paly. An even bigger help to bring the facial expressions to front would be a blurred background. Then your art would be seen with my eyes créme de la créme of the art portal ;)

But anyway, you are the art creator. If you think the faces are not that important, my whole comment is useless. I just fell in love with your style you draw faces.

Good luck with your art!

~ Quicksmasher

hoshisan responds:

nice ! thanks , i know that i don't put a lot of details here but, i'm more a cartoon person (and kind of lame sometimes lol ). I agree with you for the clothes, i prefer draw faces than other things. Maybe I could try to do better, just to see if I'm good a it :P

thanks again !


PS: generaly a put the details in the coloration. ;)


2010-03-27 02:07:43


hoshisan responds:

OMG what a intelligent and important coments ! ^^ continue like this, you will go far !

thanks man !


2010-03-28 14:52:53

Sorry about that i leave my account logged in and my cousins do stupid stuff, so again i'm sorry

hoshisan responds:

hahahaha awesome ! it's ok dude ;) it was funny!


2010-03-28 20:42:19

Your artwork is beutifull, thank you for sharing such great additions to our art portal :)

hoshisan responds:

owwwwwwwwwwww you're so sweet! thank you !


2010-03-29 17:59:52

Your art becomes better with each piece - keep up the good work and be motivated for drawing! I always enjoy looking at your art works and review them, and i always look forward to your next one!

Dont forget to have your amusement with drawing!


2010-03-31 20:03:06

ok it really was me cause im jealous


2010-04-01 23:15:53

Glad to see you've been scouted, I guess someone beat me to it haha.

Good luck with your pieces :)

hoshisan responds:



2010-04-04 07:08:41

wow i havent been on for a bit and i have to say this is really nice i like it

its good that you have talents for artwork while loussi has talents for making games


2010-04-04 08:43:01

oh aswell happy easter

hoshisan responds:

^^ you too !