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2010-04-05 21:23:04 by hoshisan

hi guys, sorry for not posting other drawings, but for now , i don't have any time to draw. I'm making my movie for school , it takes all my time. Thanks for all the comments ! I appreciate it a lot. I'm almost done, so you will see some others drawings and maybe some games and movies, who knows ;)
thanks again for your support!

love, Hoshisan

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2010-03-22 17:43:15 by hoshisan

hi guys, it's just a litle post to tell that I'm going to put some of my art work on newgrounds, just to see if somebody's gonna watch it ! Soooo if you do just leave coments please, it will help me to improve myself a lot.
thank you and don't be too rude please, it's my fist time haha


my art section


2007-07-24 13:35:49 by hoshisan

go play the games of louissi It's AWSOME!!!!!!! SMILEYS WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!